Liquid Analysis

Advantages of the Glass-Lined measurement technology

Highly resistant glass layer

– Resistant to aggressive acids, organic solvents and proteins
– Resistant to Cleaning In Place (CIP) and Sterilisation In Place (SIP) processes
– Resistant to abrasion
– Resistant to high temperatures
– Resistant to thermal shocks
– No catalytic or biological effects


– Prevents deposit formation with adequate flow velocity
– Suitable for adhesive products


– Service life limited only by glass corrosion or abrasion

Robust steel body

– Withstands turbulences, shear forces and high process pressures
– Allows continuous inline monitoring
– No need for bypass lines, pumps, shutoff devices or retractable holders


– No change in the pH characteristic curve over the entire service life
– Lower costs for recalibrations and cleaning processes
– Positive pressure effectively prevents contamination of diaphragm and electrolyte section
– Maintenance intervals of up to one year
– Can be dry-stored