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Advantages of the Glass-Lined measurement technology

 Corrosion monitoring

Pfaudler technology allows monitoring glass-lined surfaces and other corrosion-resistant surfaces (e.g. PTFE-coated) of reactors including fittings.

The analysis of the decomposition voltage takes place in a recurring cycle as changing conditions such as the temperature or pH value have to be considered.

Voltage is applied at regular intervals between the two rhodium electrodes of the P probe, thereby creating a base curve. Starting from this reference line, the Corrosion Detector calculates a so-called Corrosion Alarm Window. An alarm message is output if the current/voltage values are within the Corrosion Alarm Window in two successive control cycles.

Corrosion monitoring must be – first and foremost – reliable!

With Pfaudler technology, false alarms are a thing of the past. Whether you monitor your equipment continuously or check it periodically, you can rely on the results every time.


Benefits – Corrosion monitoring

Technology Corrosion monitoring
Product benefits – Monitors all corrosion-resistant coatings
– No false alarms
– unambiguous alarm message only when corrosion is detected
– Installation of corrosion-resistant metals is tolerated
– Safety for equipment and personnel