(Deutsch) Definition of the Baffling

Purpose of internal parts

Pfaudler Quatro-Pipe – The baffle that performs 4 functions on a single nozzle

With the Pfaudler Quatro-Pipe, you can arrange several important functions in a single nozzle of a vessel.

Function 1 – Flange baffle

The Pfaudler Quatro-Pipe has all the properties of a baffle with a constant counter agitating effect. It can be removed without necessitating vessel entry.

Function 2 – Dip pipe

The glass-lined internal tube of the Pfaudler Quatro-Pipe can be used for introducing product, product sampling access, for mixing of gas and fluids, or sparging in many applications.

Function 3 – Sensors for temperature and corrosion monitoring

Quick measurement results are essential for optimal temperature control. The use of the fused-in glass lining, Pfaudler temperature sensor type TW, offers a clear advantage – response time can be divided by up to 5.

The Pfaudler P-probe for corrosion monitoring can be integrated into the Quatro-Pipe. This unit, combined with the Pfaudler Corrosion Detector, continuously monitors the integrity of the glass lining and warns when lining damage occurs, thus minimising the risk of expensive damage while increasing the availability and reliability of your process.

Function 4 – Sampling system

The Pfaudler Quatro-Pipe can be easily converted into a continuous sampling system by fitting a PTFE internal tube and an external structure. During the process, this system does not require any additional nozzle or cleaning. The representative sampling point and high operational reliability are the fundamental properties of the Pfaudler technology.

Technical data – Product overview

 Type Quatro-Pipe
Measuring Optional:
– Temperature and/or
– Corrosion monitoring
Operating temp. -25 to +200 °C
Operating pressure -1 to +6 bar **
Ex. protection With instrumentation:
II 1/2 G Ex ia IIB T6 or
II 2G Ex ia IIC T6
Dimensions (mm) L = 300 – 3,600 *
DN = 80 – 300 *
Product benefits – Highly restistant glass layer
– Can be used for introducing product, as a vapour nozzle or as a continuous sampling system
– Combination with instrumentation possible

* Other dimensions on request
** Higher pressure on request

Product information