Corrosion Monitoring

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Corrosion Detector Portable (CDP)

The Corrosion Detector Portable offers corrosion testing according to a maintenance plan or when required, and tolerates electrically conductive fittings. The hand-held device is supplied with a PTFE dip probe, a reference electrode and a grounding clamp. Measurements can be transmitted to a PC using the USB adapter cable provided. The associated software is provided on a USB stick and allows administrating the measuring results and creating a test certificate, if required. It is thus possible to test vessels regularly for corrosion damage at low costs and minimal effort.

The operating principle of the decomposition voltage analysis is the same as in the Corrosion Detector Stationary (CDS).

Technical data – Product overview

 Type CDP
Measuring task Mobile corrosion testing
Technology Decomposition voltage analysis
Measuring range >= 0,8 mS/cm
Operating temp. 0 to +50 °C
Ex. protection II 2G Ex ib IIB T3
Product benefits – Monitors all corrosion-resistant coatings
– No false alarms
– Installation of corrosion-resistant metals is tolerated
– Safety for equipment and personnel