Corrosion Monitoring

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Conductive Cryo Lock Connection (CryCo-Lock)

Continuous monitoring of the glass-lining inside a vessel during operation is indispensable in highly corrosive processes, in order to rule out large and costly tantalum repairs or even rupture of vessels. A corrosion detection system is the solution.

Where multi-piece glass-lined agitators are used, it has never before been possible to monitor the entire agitator assembly. The use of the Corrosion Detector (CDS) in conjunction with Pfaulder’s new Conductive Cryo-Lock technology has now made this possible.

The moving parts in a reactor are most prone to damage and can now be monitored for integrity with Pfaudler’s new Conductive Cryo-Lock technology. This continuous in-process monitoring system is suitable for all Pfaudler Cryo-Lock agitators.

Technical Data – Product overview

 Type CryCo-Lock
Operating temp. -60 to +200 °C
Operating pressure -1 to + 6 bar *
Product Benefits – Monitoring of all wetted parts incl. the turbine
– Homogeneous surface due to the same thermal expansion coefficients
– Reduces the need to enter the vessel for maintenance purposes to a minimum

* higher pressure on request