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Level probe type FS

The FS-type level measurement probe uses the capacitive method. The Pfaudler FS sensor serves continuous level detection, preferably in storage vessels. The electrode tape has been fused into the glass in parallel to the longitudinal axis of the probe carrier. The effective length covers across the entire length of the probe carrier (tube or baffle).

A fused-in electrode strip forms a capacitor with the steel tube. If the probe comes into contact with product, instead of air, in the vicinity of the electrode, the capacitance changes.


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Technical data – Product overview

 Type FS
Measuring value Filling level, continuously
Measuring range 150 to 5,000 mm
Operating temp. -60 to +200 °C
Operating pressure -1 to +6 (40) bar *
Ex. protection
Product Benefits – High mechanical strenght and chemical resistance through the use of Pfaudler Glasteel®
– Smooth glass-lined surface prevents product built-up

* Depending on component or nozzle size