Fast, precise, durable

Level probes type Levelpuls

Glass-lined level measurement at light speed – contact-free, continuous level measurement with the help of microwaves – this is the technical principle behind the Pfaudler Levelpuls sensors. A combined send/receive unit made of PTFE and glass emits microwave pulses for the duration of nanoseconds. These pulses are reflected by the filling medium, and the extremely short signal delay time is measured in order to calculate the exact filling level – practically at light speed.

Precision even under extreme conditions

Level measurement using microwaves has the advantage that even extreme temperatures, pressures, as well as gases, steam and dust inside the reactor have no influence on the accuracy of measurement. Microwaves spread even without a transmission medium at light speed, the process conditions inside the reactor are of
minor importance. The result is precise and safe level detection for all applications – permanently protected against corrosion by the Pfaudler Glasteel®.

Optimum capacity use inside the reactor

The conical glass antenna protrudes only slightly into the reactor. Furthermore, measurement remains exact up to product levels shortly below the antenna
edge – the reactor volume can be fully utilised.


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Technical data – Product overview

 Type Levelpuls
Measuring value Filling level, continuously
Measuring range 200 to 20,000 mm
Operating temp. -40 to +200 °C
Operating pressure -1 to +16 bar
Ex. protection  Zone 0
Product benefits – Low transmission frequency –
insensitive to product deposits
– Accurate measurement even in
the presence of temperature
– Adjustment without filling or
emptying the reactor

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