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Level probes type Safety Swing

The Safety Swing probe made by Pfaudler provides level detection to the millimetre according to the principle of the vibrating fork – regardless of the density or viscosity of the medium to be measured. Even foam, bubbles and suspended matter do not impair the response of the Safety Swing probe. The principle is quite simple: The vibrating fork is driven by a piezo-ceramic element which makes it oscillate with its natural mechanical frequency. A second element measures this oscillation and transmits it to the integrated electronic system. The frequency changes when the fork is covered with liquid. This change is registered and converted into a switching instruction by the electronics.

Safety in all orientations

The Safety Swing probe can be installed in any orientation: horizontally, vertically, or inclined. The sensor may be used accordingly: as a maximum limit switch for the upper liquid level, as an additional overfill protection, as a minimum limit switch for the lower liquid level, or as protection against running dry.

Safety and corrosion protection through Pfaudler Glasteel®

Coating is only placed on top of the material. By contrast, the Glasteel® material is a compound of the glass and the carrier material to be protected. This
solves many common safety problems.


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Technical data – Product overview

Type Safety Swing
Measuring value Limit level measurement
Measuring range 53 to 1,500mm *
Operating temp. -40 to +85 (150)°C **
Operating press -1 to +40 bar
Ex. protection
Product benefits – High mechanical strength and
chemical resistance through the
use of glassed steel
– Works perfectly even in foam,
bubbles and suspended particles
– Certified as an overfill safety
device under WHG
(German Water Management Act)

* Depending on component or nozzle size
** Depending on temperature class T6-T3; max. 200 °C with temperature intermediate part

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