Liquid Analysis

Because glass has limits

Liquid analysis – Product overview

Online liquid analysis permits automated monitoring and regulation of industrial processes in many sectors. This includes, in addition to pH, other important process control parameters, such as redox potential and conductivity. Pfaudler offers solutions for challenging applications in this field – because anyone can handle the easy ones!

pH measurement

Pfaudler’s low-maintenance and durable pH measurement systems are your first choice whenever robustness and chemical resistance are vital. We supply probes in various designs for virtually all process engineering applications. We also offer specially developed probes with EHEDG certification for hygienic processes. More

Redox potential measurement

The redox potential generated in oxidation and reduction processes can be determined by means of robust glass-lined probes. For this purpose, a rhodium electrode is embedded in the glass lining.
By combining two measurement systems in one probe, you can measure the pH and the redox potential at the same time. More

Conductivity measurement

The conductivity of a medium can be determined with a durable glass-lined probe in a 4-conductor circuit. To achieve this, four rhodium electrodes are arranged behind each other on a measuring probe and fused into the probe carrier’s glass lining. More

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