(Deutsch) Glass-lined Probes

For highest process standards

Redox probe overview

Numerous probe types are designed for measuring redox potential. Like other Pfaudler measuring probes, these are robust and resistant to chemical attack. Their function is to measure the redox potential arising in oxidation or reduction processes. This measurement is carried out with a noble metal electrode against a reference electrode.

The redox potential is measured between a rhodium electrode embedded in the enamel and a pH enamel reference electrode. The magnitude of the potential occurring at the reference electrode depends on the pH value of the product. Thus, a redox voltage is obtained which is not dependent on the pH value. The rH measuring probe is chemically highly resistant: the measuring electrode is made of rhodium, the reference electrode of pH enamel.

Combined measuring probe pH/ORP

The combination of both measuring systems on one carrying tube, a pH/ORP probe, enables the simultaneous measurement of pH value and redox potential.


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