(Deutsch) Glass-lined Probes

For highest process standards

Redox probe type rH

The rH sensor type accurately measures the redox value in applications where conventional probes are unstable and feature a short service life. The Pfaudler Heavy-Duty Design

allows it to be installed in-line directly in the product flow. The wear-resistant, smooth glass-lined layer uses the product flow to keep the surface of the sensor clean while resisting any potential product build-up that may occur.

The redox potential is measured between a rhodium electrode embedded in the enamel and a pH enamel reference electrode. The magnitude of the potential occurring at the reference electrode depends on the pH value of the product. Thus, a redox voltage is obtained which is not dependent on the pH value.

The rH probes are available in rod design with different lengths.


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Technical data – Product overview

Type rH
Measuring range -1,200 to +1,500 mV
Operating temp. 0 to +140 °C **
Operating pressure -1 to +40 bar **
Ex. protection II 1/2 G EEx ia IIB T6 or
II 2G EEx ia IIC T6
Dimensions (mm) L = 300 – 3,200 *
DN = 50 – 200 *
Product benefits – Heavy-Duty Design
– Highly restistant glass layer
– Maintenance-free
– No diaphragm
– No electrolyte required
– CIP/SIP-compliant
– Self-cleaning

* Other dimensions on request
** Higher pressure/temperature on request