Sampling Systems

Reliable, maintenance free, variable

fleXampler Standard

The fleXampler Standard sampling system is the ideal solution for the reliable and closed sampling of fluid media from reactors and vessels. A dip-pipe or a Quatro-Pipe baffle is mounted on an available vessel nozzle. The sample can be taken by inserting the PTFE suction hose into the Quatro-Pipe or dip-pipe. The connection on the lower flange of the fleXampler sampling system enables the use of the dip-pipe or Quatro-Pipe to inject fluid media.

If you prefer the option of easily integrating a pH-ring probe you can use the fleXampler Loop.

Technical data – Product overview

Type fleXampler Standard
Operating temp. -40 to +200 °C
Operating pressure -1 to +10 bar
Ex. protection
Nozzle DN25 / DN50
Product benefits – Modular design
– Large outlet for sampling
– Parts with PFA internal coating (FDA-certified)
– Design with recirculating pump
– Automatic control with motorised valves
– Sampling flask cage