Temperature Measurement

When speed is key

Temperature probe type TW

The functionality of Pfaudler’s type TW temperature probe relies on the temperature dependence of the electric resistance of platinum. The platinum measuring unit, a PT 100 resistance thermometer, is fused into the glass lining of baffles or thermometer wells, providing an optimal heat transfer.

Compared to conventional glass lined temperature measurements the heat transfer coefficient of fused-in sensors is lower, ensuring extremely low half-value times.

The temperatur probe type TW is available for all type of baffles and the Pfaudler Quatro Pipe.

Technical Data – Product overview

 Type TW
Technology Fused-in PT100 thermometer
measuring range -60 to +200 °C
operating temp. -60 to +200 °C
Ex. protection II 1/2 G Ex ia IIB T6 or
II 2G Ex ia IIC T6
Operating pressure -1 to +40 bar *
Product Benefits – Fastest glass-lined probe
– Permits exact reactor temperature regulation
– Maintenance free
– Up to 3 measurement points

* higher pressure on request