Temperature probe type TW

The functionality of Pfaudler’s type TW temperature probe relies on the temperature dependence of the electric resistance of platinum. The platinum measuring unit, a PT 100 resistance thermometer, is fused into the glass lining of baffles or thermometer wells which provides an optimal heat transfer.

Compared to conventional glass-lined temperature measurements, the heat transfer coefficient of fused-in sensors is lower, thus ensuring extremely low half-value times.

The temperature probe type TW is available for all type of baffles and the Pfaudler Quatro-Pipe.

Technical data – Product overview

 Type TW
Technology Fused-in PT100 thermometer
Measuring range -60 to +200 °C
Operating temp. -60 to +200 °C
Ex. protection II 1/2 G Ex ia IIB T6 or
II 2G Ex ia IIC T6
Operating pressure -1 to +40 bar *
Product benefits – Fastest glass-lined probe
– Permits exact reactor temperature regulation
– Maintenance-free
– Up to 3 measurement points

* Higher pressure on request