Corrosion Monitoring

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Corrosion monitoring

Continuous monitoring of the glass lining inside a vessel during operation is indispensable in highly corrosive processes in order to rule out extensive and costly tantalum repairs or even vessel ruptures. A corrosion detection system is the solution.

Pfaudler’s corrosion monitoring technology not only allows monitoring glass-lined surfaces but also other corrosion-resistant surfaces (e.g. PTFE-coated) of reactors, including fittings. Thanks to the implemented algorithm, false alarms are ruled out. Reliable information on the condi­tion of the reactor and the system’s connected components are obtained.

Pfaudler´s corrosion monitoring solutions are available for:

– Continuous corrosion monitoring (CDS)

– Portable corrosion testing (CDP)

– Corrosion monitoring on turbines (CryCo-Lock)


Corrosion monitoring must be – first and foremost – reliable!