Glass-lined pH Probes

Long-lasting and low-maintenance

pH probe type Reiner

The pH probe type Reiner in Pfaudler Hygenic Design measures pH, ORP and pH compensated ORP. The electrode’s high temperature rating, corrosion resistance and self-cleaning Pfaudler glass-lining construction make it suitable for use in the most demanding applications. The pH sensor type Reiner can be installed directly into the process without a protective cage.

The Reiner’s pressurised reference system eliminates inaccuracy and drift caused by junction potential diffusion or poisoning. The result is a more stable measurement leading to more effective and accurate process control.

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Technical data – Product overview

Type pH Reiner
Measuring range Linear: 0 to +10 pH *
Application: -2 to +14 pH **
Operating temp. 0 to +140 °C ***
Operating pressure -1 to +6 bar ***
Ex. protection
Dimensions (mm) L = 120
D= 12.5
Process fittings:
DN25 / DN30 / Varivent
Dairy pipe / Tri-Clamp
Product benefits – Hygenic Design
– Highly resistant glass layer
– Low maintenance
– No reference electrode poisoning
– No ageing / No drift
– CIP/SIP-compliant
– EHEDG certification
– Self-cleaning

* Depends on temperature
** Depends on alkali error
*** Higher pressure/temperature on request