Sectors and applications

Advantages of the glass-lined measurement technology


In the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, Pfaudler has been synonymous with glass-lined vessels and components for decades. But glass-lined measurement technology offers decisive benefits in other sectors as well.

Chemicals Beverages
Petrochemicals Water / wastewater
Pharma Paper
Energy Cosmetics
Food Metal industry

Daily consumer products

Advantages of the glass-lined measurement technology



Did you know that many daily consumer products are made using Pfaudler technology? Here are just a few examples.

• Beer
• Sugar
• Ketchup
• Syrup
• Shampoo

• Yoghurt
• Mayonnaise
• Mustard
• Paper
• Hair perming

• Cheese
• Cheese spread
• Crème fraîche
• Glue
• Plant-protection products

• Rice
• Herb butter
• Jam
• Cream